The Council on Competitiveness of Greece is the leading authority on competitiveness issues and at the forefront of any solution and reform-driven initiative to render our economy more competitive so that businesses and the broader country can exploit their potential.

Among the founding members are the Federation of Industries of Greece (SBE), the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Athens Exchange Group, Piraeus Bank, Petsiavas SA, Pyramis Group, Deloitte, and the Delphi Economic Forum.

FORESIGHT was called to design a 360 strategy to amplify the establishment of COMPETE by highlighting the significant role it plays in propelling forward the competitiveness discussion and the exchange of ideas and best practices for the progress of our country. Our role included advising on emerging opportunities and designing new programs that enhance the reputation and engagement of COMPETE with selected key stakeholders (government, regulatory, institutional, academia) and targeted business audiences related to COMPETE’s priorities.

In addition, we provided support with storytelling and message crafting and also developed a marketing toolkit adapted to the different target audiences of COMPETE and its strategic and commercial needs (new memberships, sponsorships, etc).