The Athens Development and Destination Agency (EATA) supports the Athens municipality’s operations and is responsible for strengthening and further expanding its development. FORESIGHT was called to provide ideas that would amplify the efforts of EATA to establish a new growth pattern for Athens, with entrepreneurship being one of the main pillars.

In light of the broader geopolitical developments and especially the 3+1 East Med Agreement, we proposed the development of the EAST MED ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND TECH INITIATIVE which would propel forward collaboration between East Med start-up and innovation ecosystems, while strengthening the narrative of Athens regarding its pivotal role in the progress of our region. The main objective was to bring together the business ecosystems of the eastern Mediterranean countries to join forces, interact, exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences and to highlight scale-up models of collaboration that may attract investments.

Our role included the development of a strategy and intelligence study that assessed the environment and the broader trends and prospects of the initiative, as well as a roadmap containing all the necessary objectives and milestones, all potential partners and relevant indicative actions.