RepowerGreece is an international public diplomacy initiative which started in 2011, aiming at empowering a new way of thinking and engagement in order to successfully face the rising challenges and move forward. With more than 50 events and initiatives organized in Greece and abroad, with the participation of more than 4.500 students from middle and higher education, business leaders, academics and media representatives, and with the support of esteemed national and international organizations, RepowerGreece is a dynamic initiative that reflects the commitment, credibility and creativity that propel Greece forward.

The initiative is built on clear messages and stories that demonstrate our commitment to unite our talents, correct our mistakes, and move forward with a renewed and result-oriented mindset, as they are reflected in stories from key sectors of our economy, education and civil society. Presented at a variety of discussion events and programs with academic institutions, community organizations and think tanks across the world, these stories offer clear evidence that Greece is not the failures or special interests of the few but rather the talents and achievements of the many.

In Greece we focus on the younger generation, aiming at safeguarding them from the prevailing negativity and disappointment by shedding light on the prospects and opportunities that exist in our country, while fostering a fresh and innovative way of thinking that champions collaboration, creativity and pursuit of excellence.

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