MEMORANDUM is an artificial intelligence company that offers bespoke, impact-centric services through envisioning, designing, crafting and providing advanced A.I. Chatbots and critical Cyber Security Services. The company looks far beyond solving today’s problems by aiming in crafting and empowering client-specific tactical decisions and mechanisms that shape change with strategic impact upon the ability of their clients to advance and grow.

FORESIGHT was called to provide a full spectrum of strategic communications services, targeted to advance the gravitas of Memorandum in relation to their key stakeholders as well as, to the broader business ecosystem. We proceeded with a reputation and communications health check to analyze the current communications toolkit and submitted proposals on tools and practices for establishing the necessary relations to all key audiences based on the company’s objectives. Our role included day-to-day advisory support on potential issues and opportunities that could enhance the influence and appeal of Memorandum and storytelling support that included creative writing, message and image aesthetic, adapted for each target audience.