American Citizens Abroad (ACA) in Greece
American Citizens Abroad (ACA) in Greece  

Alexandros Costopoulos has been appointed official country representative in Greece of the American Citizens Abroad (ACA), a non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental association of volunteers whose mission is to unite and support Americans living overseas.

ACA was founded in 1978 and through its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and its offices in Washington DC, has achieved a worldwide membership and a widespread network of country contacts.

ACA is one of the few organizations that focuses on “American citizens in Greece”, thus reflecting an aspect of the historical and powerful relationship that exists between the two countries, which has been almost neglected throughout the years.

In an environment  of emerging issues and challenges ACA can truly assist the American citizens abroad and develop a role that is absent in the Greek environment ; a role which will grow beyond today’s needs and will elevate citizens services and dialogue to a new level.

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