RepowerGreece | the campaign
RepowerGreece | the campaign is a groundbreaking social awareness initiative that seeks to redefine the image of Greece and contributes in reclaiming the country’s role and influence on the international chessboard.

By underlining and exploring result-oriented perceptions as they are reflected through success stories, thoughts and opinions which stand out and inspire, the initiative endeavors to showcase a side of Greece that will effectively confront misperceptions within the international community while, at the same time, revitalizing the Greek morale. engages the country’s sectors of strategic interest, such as Education, Culture, Innovation, Agribusiness, Tourism, Energy and Shipping, in an effort to isolate and draw attention to the individuals and businesses that have espoused innovation, entrepreneurship, and a devoted work ethic.

While constructing a launch pad for development through a multi-layered program that blends public relations, grass rooting and public diplomacy, the initiative also creates a forum for ideas and strategies, thereby generating synergies between critically thinking individuals and dynamic institutions.

It is supported by esteemed partners from various fields including the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bilateral Chambers of Commerce, Hellenic Post Bank, Attica Bank, Educational Institutions, Media from Greece and abroad as well as innovative businesses around Greece. 

It is coordinated by the INSTITUTE FOR REGIONAL DIALOGUE AND STRATEGY with the support of FORESIGHT.

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