Institute for Regional Dialogue & Strategy
Institute for Regional Dialogue & Strategy  

The Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy (IPEDIS) is an independent nonprofit organization, dedicated to foster dialogue and understanding, to improve policy and decision making and to advance regional cooperation that will generate innovative, practical solutions to today's challenges.

The Institute uses critical insight and intelligence along with the most effective means to originate, advocate, promote, and disseminate applicable policy proposals for free and open societies, where creativity and partnership can flourish.

IPEDIS’ diverse group of advisors and associates includes distinguished and influential professionals with varied and extensive international experience in the fields of communications, diplomacy, foreign relations, policy making, marketing and financing.

IPEDIS has developed a robust network with policymakers, academics, business leaders and the public, aiming in addressing tomorrow’s challenges in a strategic and holistic way that respects all aspects and views.

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